Plastic pipes

Spirally-wound pipes

The pipes are produced in the range of nominal dimensions – the inner diameter ID from Ø300 to Ø3000 mm, lengths 6,0 m or 3,0 m (for
ID diameters bigger than 2000 mm) – smaller pipe lengths are available upon request.



Revision manholes

They are inevitable constitutive elements of
sewage systems, regardless whether they are waste waters, rainfall or draining sewages.
Manholes are mainly placed in some specific points of the pipeline in the sewages.

plastične šahte

Plastic tanks


Krušik spiral plastic tanks are manufactured in combination of
two techniques – spiral extrusion winding and extrusive welding of
polyethylene (HDPE) or propylene (PP), capacity of up to 20000 liters
(200 m3) and nominal diameter up to Ø 3 200 mm.

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Plastic vessels

Tanks of specific shape

All these products are mostly manufactured according to a customer’s request, concept or idea, while our engineering team design a product, adapts it to the customer’s needs and participate in all stages of the product's life – from an idea to realization of the complete product including also the after- sales support during exploitation of the product.

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Scrubbers, absorbers


These are devices whose function is purification of waste gases, vapours and smokes.

A capacity, as well as working dimensions of a scrubber are to be defined by the customer, based upon the project of purification, while
determination of the wall thickness is carried out by our engineering team for each single particular case.


Vent pipes

Elements of ventilation ducts and systems

Air ducts systems, i.e. systems for
exaust of waste gases, vapours and
smoke and for inlet of fresh air inside, are
present in many industrial plants but also
in sports halls, boiler rooms, garrages,
animal farms, large greenhouses etc.


Plastic pontoons, boats and floating elements


Plastics pontoons, as well as platsics boats and special floating elements are manufactred either upon customer’s request or upon
constructive documentation. Diameters of our pontoons match the standard diameters of our pipes (Ø300, Ø400, Ø500…).

plastični čamac

Waste water treatment devices


Our plastics tanks and vessels, when considering their characteristics such as resistance to chemical and atmospheric influences, longevity and health-influence safety, are ideal for purpose of waste water treatment, i.e. for devices such as: mineral oil separators, fat separtors, bioligical and chemical waste water treatment plants, biological sewage cesspools, etc.



Plastic crates

Plastic crates for gathering, transport and storage of agricultural and other products.

plastične nosiljke

Holandez 12/1

Spoljašnje dimenzije: 550 x 378 x 150mm

Holandez 6/1

Spoljašnje dimenzije: 490 x 297 x 90mm

Holandez 3/1

Spoljašnje dimenzije: 492 x 297 x 70/33mm


Transportation crate

Universal transportation crate, for storage of goods in industry, agriculture etc.

Inner dimensions: 415 x 313 x 130
Outter dimensions: 450 x 340 x 143
Volume: 16 liters

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Beer, water, juice crates

We also produce packaging for storage of drinks. Crates for storage of beer, water and juice bottles. They're made of HDPE.

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Technical parts

Technical parts made of thermoplastic, thermosets and styrofoams

For more than 40 years we process different types of thermoplastic, thermosets and styrofoam materials and we produce technical parts of high performance with different properties and for all sorts of applications.

tehnički delovi

Sanitary ware

Plastic toilet cistern and toilet seat

We produce plastic toilet cisterns and plastic toilet seats with all spare parts.

plastične sanitarije


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