Gas scrubbers (absorbers)

These are devices whose function is purification of waste gases, vapours and smokes. Generally, they function in such a way that a waste gas, or smoke, flows vertically upwards through them, while spraying jet of water inside a scrubber is used for removing of dangerous solid particles out of the gas/smoke which flows out into the air. This gas washing water (runoff water) flows down to the bottom of the scrubber, and it is being drained away to be additionally processed (purification, neutralization…). Besides, for the purpose of better washing function of a scrubber, a proper “random packing” (a hollow-structure material) is placed inside the scrubber. This “random-packing” material can be additionally treated by substances that neutralize waste effect of the dangerous particles, while neutralizing substances can also be added to the water.

A capacity, as well as working dimensions of a scrubber are to be defined by the customer, based upon the project of purification, while determination of the wall thickness is carried out by our engineering team for each single particular case.