Septic tanks

Plastic tanks have a special application as septic tanks. Septic tanks are made as one-chamber, two-chamber or three-chamber plastic septic tanks, especially if they are flow-through septic tanks, due to the settling or separation of contents. Flow-through or overflow plastic septic tanks when partially purified water from septic tanks is drained into the ground.

Plastic septic tanks are made by spiral winding technology of plastic mass on tools of different diameters.

The material of plastic septic tanks is resistant to all types of chemicals and detergents used in the household, so the septic tank can accept waste water from the kitchen, bathroom, toilet…

Lifetime – the period of use is more than 50 years, so investing in a plastic septic tank is a safe and cheap investment that solves big problems in places where there is no possibility of connecting to the sewage system.

Our plastic septic tanks are equipped with inlet and outlet pipes with rubber seals (suitable for connecting standard pipes).

Emptying – cleaning of septic tanks is carried out through the inspection holes installed on plastic septic tanks.

The septic tank needs to hold waste water, so the size of the plastic septic tank is determined based on the number of users.

Our plastic septic tanks are made of HDPE, a material resistant to aggressive substances and chemicals in accordance with EU norms. 

Instructions for installation and maintenance are provided with the septic tank.


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