Pressing of thermoactive resins - thermosets

Krusik-plastika for over 40 years has been producing technical parts as well as consumer goods by processing thermoreactive resins.

By the process of direct or transfer pressing on machines with clamping forces from 500 to 1500 kN, we produce parts of a wide range of properties and applications.

Materials we use:

1. phenol – formaldehyde resins;

2. urea – formaldehyde resins;

3. melamine – formaldehyde resins;

4. polyester resins and;

5. epoxy resins.

with fillers such as: glass fibers, textile cloths, wood flour, cellulose, asbestos, graphite and others.

Osobine delova od duroplasta

• Parts obtained from thermoreactive resins are lighter and cheaper than metal, and in terms of properties similar to them, non-corrosive, thermo-mechanically resistant up to 250 degrees C, non-combustible, dimensionally stable, resistant to chemicals and with an unlimited lifetime. The parts obtained from amino resins are decorative and have a shiny surface.

• Parts and assemblies we produce are of high technical and technological performance, complex configuration, with metal inserts, or without them. They are used in electrical engineering, automotive industry etc.

• We offer services for the making of technical-technological documentation, tool construction, as well as consulting services for resin pressing.

• With high level of quality control from material entry point and all throught the entire process to final product, with the possibility of laboratory testing, we guarantee the quality of the product. At the request of the user, we provide the necessary documentation on the quality.

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