They are mostly of a square shape – with a rectangular base, but they also may be made in other different shapes. They can be made either as open-top or closed-top vessels, with or without a cover, with or without barriers (baffles) etc. Their main dimensions (L, D and H) are not standardized, they are chosen according to a customer’s request and needs, while necessary walls thickness, as well as dimensions of a reinforcing metal construction, are allways determined on the basis of proper static calculations, according to the norm EN 12573-3:2000, and this static calculation is carried out for each single product.

Plastics basins are mostly applied in plants for surface protection and galvanization of metal parts, i.e. for submersing of metal rods, pipes, sheets, into a proper liquid, where is necessary to have a maximum usage of available volume of a vessel. Besides, they are also used for fish farming as “flowing vessels” – especially for breeding of fish spawn. Plastics containers are mostly used for inter-phase packaging/transportation in different manufacturing processes, but they are also suitable for storage, especially when only a limited space is available – tailor made containers dimensions can perfetly fit to storage space.

A special type of these products are so called “safety pools” – retention basins, of relatively large dimensions, whose function is retention of a possibly spilled-out or leaked liquid from a main storage tank. Apart from manufacturing of completely plastics safety pools, Krušik Plastika a.d. successfully performs lining of existing concrete or metal safety pools, or basins, by using plastics plates.

Lining by using of plastics plates is also applied for:

  • concrete or metal basins and tanks in which dangerous and  aggressive liquids or waste waters are poured, etc.
  • chambers of small transportation ships (boats) – cargo vessels which are used for transportation of aggressive liquids – the reference for such job is a successful lining of 12 cargo-vessel chambers of dimensions of L x H x D = 12m x 2m x 4m for a customer in Belgium,
  • silo-tanks for aggressive substances (bulk materials, powders, etc.)

Such lining jobs are always performed by welding of plastics plates using watertight welds.

Our safety pools can also be of cylindrical, or some other, shape.

plastična tankvana


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