Technical parts and elements made of polyurethane foam - styrofoams

We produce technical parts and consumer goods from soft, semi-hard, hard and integral polyurethane foam – styrofoam.

Main properties

• good mechanical properties (in proportion to the density);

• good electrical and thermal insulation properties,

• good sound insulation,

• possibility to choose the density,

• resistance to microorganisms, insects and rodents,

• odorless and non-toxic.


Due to their exceptional characteristics, polyurethane foam has found wide application in:

• industry (for making parts with and without metal inserts that meet high structural requirements);

• thermal insulation (boilers, heat pipes, thermos-reservoirs, thermos bottles, etc.);

• in the temperature range of exploitation from -150 degrees C to +130 degrees C;

• electrical industry;

• production of transport packaging;

• sound insulation, etc.



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