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ELEMENTS MADE OF THERMOPLASTIC MATERIALS                              serbian

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For last 40 years «Krušik-plastika» has been engaged in processing thermoplastic materials on state of the art machinery and in line with modern technology. Many years of experience have enabled us to produce technical parts and elements, as well as mass market items. «Krušik-plastika» owns machines for injection moulding with capacity from 15 to 4000 grams and closing force of the tools from 500 to 6500 kN.

Quality equipment enables production of the most complicated parts with metal gusset pieces or without them and with specific customer requests.

«Krušik-plastika» processes all known thermoplastic materials: PELD, PEHD, PP, PS, ABS, PA6, 66,11 12, PMMA, POM,PC,PVC, CA, PPO, PPS..., as well as the most recent ones: thermoplastic polyesters, thermoplastic polyurethanes, blend polymers (PC/ABS, PBTF/PC...) etc. Parts and elements obtained from the above mentioned materials are light, non-corrosive, with stable dimensions, soft and elastic or with properties similar to metal but cheaper than them. They are also resistant to temperature of up to 240°C, resistant to chemicals and atmospheric conditions, self-extinguishing, see-through or coloured with high surface sheen. Production of such special parts-elements-assemblies enables their use in all branches of industry: special-purpose, automotive industry, electroindustry, mass market, etc.

«Krušik-plastika» also offers complete services in the field of tool construction, technology set-up i.e. consulting. Equipped laboratories and considerable technical know-how enable high level of control from material entry through process control up to the final acceptance of parts and elements. At client’s request, «Krušik-plastika» provides the necessary documentation, material attestations and quality guarantees. Connections with global manufacturers of thermoplastic materials as well as long lasting cooperation offer great possibilities for quality selection of material, processing and application, as well as dealing with all technical and technological problems in this area.

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