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KRUŠIK - SPIRAL TANKS                                                                             Serbian

    For 40 year  "Krušik - plastika" a.d. Osečina produces plastic tanks with  spiral winding technology . „Krušik – plastika“ uses high density polyetylene (HDPE) and  polypropylene (PP) for the production of plasic tanks.

    With forty years of experience in production  and implementation of the latest standards in the design „Krušik–plastika“  produces the highest quality plastic tanks in Serbia and the region. This fact is supported by a large number of plastic tanks exported to the EU market.

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KRUŠIK - SPIRAL TANKS have a number of good qualities:
rezervoari-za-vodu• chemically resistant to most chemicals and aggressive materials.
• abrasion resistant – which enables their application in solutions that require mixing.
• thermo stable - at temperatures from -30°C to +80°C if they are made of polyetylene and from     -10°C to +100°C if they are from polypropylene.
• resistant to corrosion
•good electro and thermal insulation properties
• long lasting – long-term weather conditions does not affect the functionality of the plastic tanks (duration up to 50 years).
• elastic and tough – they are constructed so that they absorb impact during handling which would normally damage the tanks made of traditional materials.
• they do not pollute the environment or the content within the tank which practically means they are tasteless and odourless and prevent development of algae and bacteria which is especially important for food and pharmaceutical industries.
• simple maintenance – smooth interior walls minimise adherence of substances which ensures easy cleaning.
• UV stable – may be located outside which is ensured by a UV stabilizer.
• light – many times lighter than the tanks made of traditional materials, which enables easier, quicker and more cost effective transport and handling.

Based on these properties tanks have found application in the following domains:

•    storage of water
•    storage of chemicals
•    process equipment
•    storage and treatment of waste water
•    the fermentation of fruits and vegetables
•    storage and preparation of  food etc.

KRUŠIK - SPIRAL TANKS are designed and produced in line with the norms from EN 12 573 part 1, 2, 3, 4: 2000, and EN 1778:2000 and with maximum regard for specific customer requests.

Krušik products  storage tanks  up to 100m3 as a unified whole. Tanks with larger volume can be produced by combining work in the factory with work at the point of installation.
On the basis of the specifics of processing technology, the available diameters can be combined with  arbitrary length to give the desired volume of tanks.


•  vertical open tanks (type-A) – with flat, conical or steep bottom,
•  vertical closed tanks (type-B) – with conical or even lid,
•  horizontal tanks (type-C) - cistern – for laying in the ground or above the ground on legs,
•  thermo insulated tanks (type-D) - with polyurethane or mineral wool insulation,
•  double wall tanks (type-E) tanks for the chemical industry (external tank has a bunding role),
•  process tanks and vessels (absorption columns. scrubbers, evaporators, electroplating tubs, etc.)

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